Griffith High School

Dear Community Member:

Griffith High School and Middle School is having our annual Career Fair on Friday, March 24, 2017, from 7:00 am until 10:15 am, and we need your help.

It is our vision to prepare students to be college bound and career ready. In order to achieve this vision, we need the assistance of our parents, community members, and public figures so that together we may educate students on the importance of furthering their education and the myriad career opportunities that are open to them. With this vision in mind, we cordially invite you to make a career presentation to our student body.

As a presenter, you will be assigned to a high school or middle school classroom to which students will report on their regular, but abbreviated, schedule to hear you speak. You will be sharing your career experience with 5 groups of students in 20 minute class sessions. After presentations, lunch will be provided (or you’re free to “grab and go”).

For additional information on how to participate, please email Cherisse Louderman at or call 219-924-4281 ext. 4266.