Beiriger Elementary School




    MATH BOWL – The Math Bowl competition was held at Griffith High School on Thursday, February 23rd. Members achieved 1st place in their category.

    The following students competed in the competition:

    Bella Zielke, Alexia Wenrich, Ryan Rose, Raphael Guevarra, Dakota Sammons, Ian Ince, Jose Rizo, Steven Luzynski, Olivia Damacio, Abbey Lair, Sam Wilson, Presley Cundiff, Joey Piro, Brandon Gonzales, Ben Carrillo, Megan Goff, Nina Zielke, Ryan Goff, Lily Wroblewski, Bella Visak, Alex Carrillo, Elaine Beck, and Maya Perez.

    STUDENT COUNCIL – The Beiriger Student Council will be sponsoring a Pet Food Drive from April 5th through April 28th. Donated items can be dropped off in the office or sent in with your child. Items needed are dog or cat food, cat litter, toys, treats, towels, or gently used blankets.

    Student Council will also be hosting a Smencil sale later in the month to support the drive.

    PTC – The PTC will be sponsoring a Walk-A-Thon on May 12th at 1:00 p.m. Details will be forthcoming.

    HONOR ROLL:   The following students made the Honor Roll for the 3rd Quarter:

    Grade 3 – Kayla Bell, Elora Bliss, Myles Buckley, Ronan Cassoday, Connor Drew, Natalie Edwards-Wadkins, Cadee Eriks, Daniel Garcia, Gabriel Goral, Addison Hill, Addison Houchin, Abigale Jaime, Audra Kishel, Jacob LaBadie, Joshua Lukas, Evan Machroli, Kailey McCarron, Mateo Mendoza, Amalia Owensby, Mya Reed, Xiomara Reyes, Kamil Robey, Cheyenne Sammons, Victor Scortino, Adia Taylor, Giovanni Vescovi, Khaye Ware, and Ja’Nessa Wheatley.

    Grade 4 –Yasmin Aceves, Amelia Almore, Vivian Altieri, Cash Bannister, Taylor Borowski, Nolan Davenport, Caiden Dodson, Adia Falvey, Ayden Farr, Gianni Feaster, Harrison Gowen, Raphael Guevarra, Aiden Hense, Regan Hornyak, Miles Horton, Ethan Ilic, Chelsea Ladewig, Mya Mason, Quinn McCampbell, Aden Moore, Cody Plemons, Gabriel Razo, Jaylen Rutherford, Dakota Sammons, Ariel Snyder, Ryan Stordeur, Alyssa Tuggle, Amanda Vail, Madison Vargo, Madison Wiening, and Isabella Zielke.

    Grade 5 – Maximo Amezua, Destiny Baxter, Zachary Boswinkle, Erin Cundiff, Kayla Doctor, Xander Drew, Ava Garcia, Megan Goff, Tai Hargrove, April Kepple, Evan Kovera, Abigail Lair, Joseph LaPatra, Julian Lashbrook, Brianna Lopez, Gavin Lukas, Steven Luzynski, Randy Orne, Joaquin Pena, Jadyn Reba, Julius Reyes, Jose Rizo, Alexia Spore, Nikolas Spore, Cade Tilley, Andrew Wilson, and Vincent Wilson.

    Grade 6 – Alayna Andree, Isabella Andriessen, Elaine Beck, Emma Breit, Alexander Carrillo, Connor Cervantes, Ryan Goff, Zharia Hasan Bey, Tanner Hill, Hailey Howe, Alexander Kishel, Claire LaBadie, Alex Ladendorf, Destiny Magana-Stokes, Beverly Orne, Collin Pedraza, Maya Perez, Calie Phelps, Alfonso Salinas, Kaylee Sheline, Madelyn Stordeur, Aubrie Svilar, Ashley Taylor, Annabella Visak, Kyle Watson, Madison Worosz, Lily Wroblewski, and Nina Zielka.

    ATTENDANCE: The following students had perfect attendance for the 3rd Quarter:

    Christian Abenante, Kara Akers, Alayna Andree, Isabella Andriessen, Gerardo Bahena, Owen Beck, Mikaela Berrios, Noah Berrios, Kenneth Booker, Blaine Brakley, Brylie Bridges, Justin Clark, Brady Coddington, Peyton Conner, Esther Crownover, Richard Crownover, Hunter Cruse, Juliana Cuadra, Olivia Damacio, Kirk Dapshis, Sophia Davis, Bryanna Derrington, Kayla Doctor, Nolan Doctor, Caiden Dodson, Connor Drew, Xander Drew, Cadee Eriks, Alyson Evans, Noah Falvey, Daniel Garcia, Mason Gerloff-Rex, Kenny Gong, Amelia Gould, Harrison Gowen, Diana Groben, Emilia Groben, Javier Guerrero, Raphael Guevarra, Gracie Hamilton, Emily Hernandez, Ethan Hernandez, Angelica Herrera, Sean Hollowell, Miles Horton, Addison Houchin, Adam Huang, Ian Ince, Suriea Issa, DeShawn Jackson, Abigale Jaime, Aidan Kinley, Cole Kinley, Audra Kishel, Zoe Laird, Callie Linders, Michael Lyons, Jessica Martinez, Micheal Marx, Mya Mason, Katherine McCarthy, Claudia Mills, Sadie Mills, Eric Milton, Lillian Mowers, Meya Munroe, Jeremiah Nettles, Rylee Orkis, Beverly Orne, Carter Pala, Joaquin Pena, Joseph Piro, Cody Plemons, William Potts, Ricky Rardin, Mya Reed, Gabriel Resto, Jose Rizo, Kamil Robey, Audrey Ryfa, Sienna San Miguel, Ryan Schultz, Rachel Sheline, Nathaniel Smith, Harlee Spivak, Harper Stage, Logan Starks, Ashley Taylor, Michael Voyak, Emily Welch, Ja’Nessa Wheatley, Salaya White, Madison Wiening, Paige Williams and Jack Winston.

    3rd Quarter Attendance Percentages:

    K – Cundiff                 94.21                           4 – Carter                    94.82

    K – Ferrini                  95.24                           4 – Nash                      95.51

    K – Simms                 91.54                           4 - Phillips                    92.34


    1 – Jordan                   95.02                           5 – Bliss                      95.31

    1 – Moak                     94.10                           5 – Guinn                    94.26

    1 – O’Connor               93.95                           5 – Luyster                  94.59


    2 – Augustyn               94.32                           6 – Niemzyk               95.49

    2 – Brown                   94.37                           6 – Reczek                  95.99

    2 – Dodson                 96.38                           6 – Trevino                  94.94


    3 – Lichtenfeld            95.70

    3 – Norton                  96.41

    3 – Specht                  93.58


    Congratulations to Mrs. Norton’s class for having the highest attendance rate for the 3rd quarter.

    The 3rd Quarter attendance rate for the entire school was 94.67%.


    CAFETERIA –If you owe any monies to the cafeteria, please pay your debt as soon as possible. Contact the cafeteria if you are unsure of your account balance.

    LOST AND FOUND –If your child his missing any items of clothing, please check the lost and found box in the cafeteria.

    TALENT SHOW – The Talent Show is scheduled for Thursday, May 11th, at 1:00 p.m. for students in grades K-2. Background checks for adults attending the talent show will be needed.

    The Talent Show for grades 3-6 will be held on Thursday, May 4th at 6:00 p.m.

    RECYCLING – Please continue to recycle your newspapers and magazines.

    BOOK RENTAL – If you still have outstanding book rental, please pay as soon as possible. We need to pay our bills too and this helps us do so. Thanks!