Griffith High School

We had a fantastic time at state! Seniors Trevor Sheffield and Zack Keil scored good in their solo musical categories. Distinguished Senior Sylvie Dowd, Shawn Falstrom, Nina Mendoza, & Shawn Graham received excellent ribbons in their duet musical categories. Laura Reid also won an excellent ribbon in her solo musical category, and was elected as a Student Thespian Officer for the 2017-2018 season! Griffith received "the most spirited" award at state! Great job! 


Current Thespians 2016-2017

Sylvie Dowd*
Alyssa Skertich*
Christine Morikis*
Trevor Sheffield*
Corynn Kealey*
Evan Queen*
Antonia Williams*
Kayla Schramm*
Il-lyse McGee*
Emily Gonzales*
Zack Keil*
Storm Fleming*
Leanna Early*
Dana Jelenski*
Sam Snell*
Nina Mendoza
Collin Meadows
Sammi Rettie
Shawn Falstrom
Laura Reid
Erica Ward
Gabby Quintana
Maddie Kruse
Christian Holley
Zoe Diguez
Molly Mills
Kylie Maloney
Amari Harris
Gio Johnson 
Bailey Gaffney 
Josh Bacon
Justin Walton
Stephen Kunka
Cameron Bobos
Kirsten Edwards
Tyler Josephson
Max McClean
Jake Diamond
Leah Vuckovich
Jasmine Gutierrez
Nicole McCarter
Kyle McCarter
Angel Meyer
Victoria Metcalf
Kaylyn Perez

*-Denotes Senior 
The Directing Staff:
Miss Jenna Candiano: Director & Thespian Sponsor
Miss Maggie Rivera: Middle School Director
Mr. Jim Graff: Technical Director & Auditorium Director
Miss Kristin Anderson: Pit Orchestra Director
Mr. Rick Quarles: Music Director 
Mrs. Janette Vehrs-Snelson: Choreographer
Miss Shannon Scheidel: Costume Director
Mrs. Laura Polise: Make-Up & Hair Director